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Our History

In 2016 the Beatrice Community Hospital created the Centurian Forever Endowment fund. This fund was added to our lineup of endowment funds, all aimed at addressing current healthcare needs in our area, while still preserving and providing quality healthcare services for future generations. Gifts to the Centurian Forever Endowment are true legacy gifts; the impact of your donation will begin today and continue for many years to come. By giving to the Centurian Forever Endowment you become a BCH Foundation Partner, giving you the power to decide how these funds are used.



Ways to Give

To become a BCH Foundation Partner, an individual/couple must notify the Foundation of which way they choose to participate. Options include:

  • Notification in writing of a one-time current or future gift of $2,500 or more to the Centurian Forever Endowment. These gifts can be more complex to include bequests, retirement plan beneficiaries, or life insurance. Contact Foundation Senior Exec, 402-223-7260 for gifts of this type.
  • Pledge to make an annual gift of $100 or more to the Centurian Forever Endowment.



Help Us Give Back

As a BCH Foundation Partner, you will have the distinct opportunity to be a part of the circle of donors who reviews and awards an annual mini-healthcare grant to a department within Beatrice Community Hospital & Health Center. Whether you choose to make a one-time or future gift, or pledge to an annual giving commitment, your generous gifts to the Centurian Forever Endowment will help support local healthcare needs through our mini-healthcare grant award circle.



2024 Mini-Healthcare Grant Awards

Thanks to the generous donations to the Centurian Forever Endowment by our Centurian Partners, we were able to allocate $4,900 to BCH Departments. While the requests surpassed this amount, we are working hard to grow this endowment, enabling our Centurian Partners to fund even more proposals in the future years.


Partial funding was granted to the following departmental projects:

  1. Cardiopulmonary – Sleep Lab: Additional home sleep test device
  2. Case Management – Blood Pressure Monitors for Home Use
  3. Labor and Delivery – Hemorrhage Cart
  4. Laboratory – Blanket Warmer
  5. Patient Financial Services – Charging Station
  6. Surgical Services – Surgical Flight Hood
  7. Wymore Medical Clinic – Accuvein Vein Finder






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