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Centurian Cup Golf Tournament


  Proceeds from the 2023 Centurian Cup Golf Tournament were used to support the Pain Clinic at the Beatrice Community Hospital.

After years of juggling schedules and waiting for open exam rooms, the BCH Pain Clinic will be expanding to meet the needs of patients experiencing chronic or persistent pain. This expansion will better serve patients with new equipment, ventilation, and a space reserved just for the Pain Clinic.


Susan Thomas, CRNA leads the Pain Clinic and explains, "Patients experience pain for a variety of reasons, almost like a puzzle - there are many potential causes, including accidents, injuries, and underlying disease processes.  Often the psychological and emotional effects of trauma and or the pain itself need to be addressed in addition to the pain.  Because of our smaller community hospital network, I can easily collaborate with the patient's primary care provider,  physical therapist, behavioral therapist, dietitian, and pharmacist.  This holistic approach is scientifically proven to be more effective in solving the pain puzzle and, ultimately, addressing the needs of the patients with chronic pain."


Patients experiencing pain must first be referred to the clinic before Thomas addresses each individual's pain by hearing their whole story, learning what has or hasn't worked, and getting to the root of the problem. Your donations will grow the Pain Clinic and serve patients now and in the future.



Thank you to our sponsors!



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