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Chapel Stained Glass Windows - Celebrating Lives


Celebrating Lives


On Thursday, May 17, 2018, the BCH Foundation celebrated not only the installation of three beautiful stained glass windows lining the Beatrice Community Hospital Chapel, we also celebrated the lives of some very special people-Jane Aden, Alyce Jane Delozier, and Gene & Elsie Caspers.


Here is just a little bit about the origins of the Stained Glass Windows project...


Jane Aden was a wonderful employee of the Beatrice Community Hospital and did an incredible job as the gift shop manager. More importantly, Jane was a beautiful person...loved by her family, friends, and colleagues here at BCH. Shortly after her death in January 2017, her husband, Roger, shared that he would like to do something here at the hospital in her memory. The idea of replacing the Chapel's "ordinary windows" with stained glass was born shortly thereafter. 


Not too many months later, Duane Delozier learned of the project and decided a window would be a wonderful was to memorialize his late wife, Alyce Jane. 


The final piece of the puzzle came in December 2017 when Gene & Elsie Caspers agreed that The BCH Foundation could recognize their significant financial contributions by dedicating a window in their honor as well. 


It take skillful and creative minds and hands to produce stained glass windows. Harry Tompkin, owner, Palace Glass in Lincoln, NE, was the person responsible for designing and constructing each of these original works of art. 


Please stop by and see them in person, they are located right across the hall from the BCH Foundation office on the first floor of the Beatrice Community Hospital. 

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